About Teams

The IXACT Contact Teams version is capable of supporting the needs of real estate teams of all sizes and types.

All of the marketing and business-related activities that are managed within IXACT Contact can be assigned to specific team members. And all contact and listing activity history includes visibility to the member of the team that carried it out.

Each member of a team gets their own calendar and task list that they can synchronize with their own wireless device.

Each team member can set up their own personalized branding, and all communications can be either individually branded, or use team branding.

All activity and transaction-related reports can be generated for a selected team member.

Except for contacts, the calendar and task list, all data in your IXACT Contact team account is shared by all team members. This includes email and letter templates, activity plans, Keep in Touch events, custom lists, etc.

As the Team Leader, you have the option to control the visibility of team members to individual contacts. You can also grant "Administrator" permissions to any team member, which grants them visibility to all contacts. You can also set any individual contact to "Public", which makes the contact visible to all team members.

As the Team Leader you also have the option to protect your contact data by restricting other team members from importing, deleting or exporting your contact records. You can also de-authorize a team member from accessing your account at any time.